Embedded Software Services

Innovative Logic has been offering software services for last 10 years for wide range of areas such as application software, big data, embedded software and firmware, IOTG, etc. All our software services are offered on turnkey, onsite or offsite basis. During last 10 years, we have created huge customer base offering our valuable and high end software services focusing on newly evolved technologies such as IOT, networking, storage, wireless, mobile, security, computing, consumer, etc.

Embedded Software

  • Writing Device Drivers, Protocol Stack, Assembly Language
  • Embedded Linux development with Microsoft Visual Studio IDE
  • RTOS: Linux, Android, IOS, ThreadX, Windows, VXWorks, FreeBSD
  • Wireless, Networking, Storage, Video, Telecom
  • Java ME, Mruby, Objective C, C/C++


Firmware Software

  • Firmware development including Boot Loader
  • BIOS Device Driver
  • Porting or RTOS for Boards/Systems
  • Board bring-up, Boot Loaders, Diagnostics, Device Drivers
  • Linux Storage Stack SCST, LIO, LVM, VxVM, VxFS, ZFS, Lustre, GPFS


Internet of Things/Wearable

  • Mobile Devices, WSN, M2M, Smart Grid, Telematics, Telehealth, CPS
    4G LTE, Bluetooth, Ethernet, GPRS, WiFi, 802.15.4, Z-Wave, Zigbee
    Soap, RESTful API, OO and RO Programming, Sensor Web Framework
  • RF, Mobile Internet, Wired Communication
  • Android, JavaScript/Node.JS, PHP, Python, Ruby, Tizen
  • Smart Home, Connected Vehicles, Healthcare, Security



  • Android and Mobile Development
  • Video Streaming for Hardware and Software using AWS, Linux, SSL
  • Protocol HTTP, TCP/IP, SMTP, VOIP, DNS
  • Big Data, Data Mining, Open Source, OO Modeling, ODBC
  • Universal Home API for consumer electronics
  • Gamebryo, Renderware to simple game development
  • TV, Media, Set-top-box

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