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Innovative Logic offers reusable soft IP for high speed applications. All our IPs are coded in verilog HDL using RMM guidelines. These IPs go through rigorous verification before getting released to you. The verification is done using SystemVerilog.


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Reusable Soft IP

Reusable Soft IP Description
USB 3.0 Device IP USB 3.0 device controller IP is designed to be used in a system to provide Super High speed USB connectivity between the device it is being used and the USB host. USB 3.0 Device controller IP is compliant with USB3.0 spec1.0 and AXI interface. USB 3.0 IP is available in RTL source code and FPGA netlist format. The deliverables of USB 3.0 IP also include complete verification environment along with test vectors using SystemVerilog.
USB 3.0 OTG/Host/Device IP Innovative Logic SS-OTG controller IP is complaint with OTG&EH3.0. SS-OTG controller is able to dynamically swap host/peripheral roles while operating at SuperSpeed using Role Swapping Protocol (RSP) as defined in OTG&EH3.0 specification.
USB 2.0 High Speed OTG IP USB2.0 IP is a HS_FS USB controller, OTG capable, dual role USB2.0 compatible
USB 2.0 Full Speed OTG IP USB2.0 Ip is ‘Dual-role’ USB controller. It complies with both the USB standard for FS functions and the On-The-Go supplemen
SATA Device/Host IP Serial ATA (SATA) is high bandwidth serial interface up to 300MB/s for storage systems. It is software compatible with legacy ATA devices. Device Controller typically integrated in a storage peripheral (Hard disk)
10/100 Mbps Ethernet Controller 10/100 Ethernet is Dual Speed Ethernet MAC controller support MII, SMII and RMII interfaces. It also supports AHB based AMBA system with optional DMA controlled
10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet IP 10/100 Ethernet MAC controller supports GMII, RMII, SMII, RGMII, SGMII, and 10-bit PHY interfaces. It also supports AHB based AMBA system with optional DMA controller
10 Gigabit Ethernet IP 10 Gigabit Ethernet MAC controller supports XGMII and XAUI and XSBI interfaces. It also supports for complete, FPGA based, layer 2 subsystem
WUSB IP Wireless USB Device Controller compliant to spec 1.0 supporting all four transfer types
UWB MAC IP UWB MAC is compliant with ECMA 368 standard. Has capability to interface with many protocols like ethernet, Wireless USB, Blue tooth etc. Has AMBA AXI interface for integration with controller.