USB 2.0 Full Speed OTG Controller


Innovative Logic’s USBMHDRC is a multi-point Hi-Speed dual role USB controller with a complete USB
On-The-Go (OTG) capabilities for use in point-to-point communications with other OTG devices and host
computers, as well as in multi-point communications with a network of USB 2.0 peripherals and hubs.
The controller complies with both the USB standard for Hi-Speed and Full-Speed functions and the OTG
supplement to the USB 2.0 specification. The approach used in this controller is to allow the core’s endpoints to be allocated to the functions of different target devices. Furthermore, this allocation can be made dynamically. In theory, a full USB tree of 128 devices could be supported in this way,though it is likely to be used with much smaller numbers of devices in practice. An alternative USB 1.1 PHY interface is also provided.



  • Point-to-point or multi-point USB OTG
  • Compliant with latest USB 2.0 standard
  • Supports High-, Full-, or Low-Speed USB devices
  • Can be used as either host or peripheral in point-to-point OTG
  • Supports SRP and HNP protocols
  • Configurable up to 15 additional transmit and receive endpoints
  • Configurable FIFOs with option of dynamic FIFO sizing
  • Supports 32-bit AMBAAHB interface
  • UTMI+ Level 3 transceiver interface with optional ULPI link wrapper
  • Optional USB 1.1 PHY interface
  • Synchronous RAM interface for FIFOs
  • Support for external DMA access to FIFOs
  • Support for internal DMA access to FIFOs via built-in DMA controller
  • Performs all transaction scheduling in hardware
  • UTMI+ PHY vendor register option
  • Graphical user interface provided for core configuration

Block Diagram

Data Sheet

USB 2.0 High Speed OTG Controller


  • Synthesizable RTL developed in Verilog HDL
  • Constraints & scripts for synthesis
  • Test bench and Test cases developed in SystemVerilog
  • Sample Driver code
  • User Manual

Target Applications

  • Removable hard disks
  • Digital camera
  • Printer, scanner, etc.
  • Multimedia Applications
  • Mobile phones and Tablets
  • TV, DVD players, Set top Boxes

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