USB 2.0 Full Speed OTG Controller


Innovative Logic’s USBFDRC primarily provides a ‘Dual-role’ USB controller for use as either the host or
the peripheral in point-to-point communications with another USB function (which may be either full-speed
or low-speed). Alternatively it can be used as device controller for a full-speed USB peripheral.
It complies with both the USB standard for full-speed functions and the On-The-Go supplement to the USB
2.0 specification. The USB On-The-Go specification has been introduced to provide a low-cost connectivity
solution for consumer portable devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, digital still cameras and MP3 players.
Devices that are solely peripherals initiate transfers through a Session Request Protocol (SRP) while
Dual-role devices support both SRP and Host Negotiation Protocol (HNP).



  • Operates either as a device or host controller
  • Complies with the USB standard for full-speed (12 Mbps) functions
    and with the On-The-Go supplement to the USB 2.0 specification
  • Supports point-to-point communi-cations with one full-speed or
    low-speed device
  • Supports both Session Request Protocol (SRP) and Host
    Negotiation Protocol (HNP)
  • Standard Device Requests handled efficiently in software
    for flexibility
  • Supports Suspend and Resume signaling
  • Configurable for up to 15 additional Transmit endpoints and up to
    15 additional Receive endpoints
  • Configurable FIFOs, with option of dynamic FIFO sizing
  • Synchronous RAM interface for FIFOs
  • Support for DMA access to FIFOs
  • Supports AMBA™ AHB interface

Block Diagram

Data Sheet

USB 2.0 Full Speed OTG Controller


  • Synthesizable RTL developed in Verilog HDL
  • Constraints & scripts for synthesis
  • Test bench and Test cases developed in SystemVerilog
  • Sample Driver code
  • User Manual

Target Applications

  • Removable hard disks
  • Digital camera
  • Printer, scanner, etc.
  • Multimedia Applications
  • Mobile phones and Tablets
  • TV, DVD players, Set top Boxes

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