USB 3.1 IP SuperSpeedPlus Device Controller IP


USB 3.1 IP works at SuperSpeedPlus mode at 10 Gbps, SuperSpeed mode at 5 Gbps and all USB 2.0 speed modes . Inno-Logic’s USB 3.1 IP can be seamlessly used for integration into SoCs for applications such as Media Storage.

Being the leading supplier of USB IP, Inno-logic provides SoC engineers and Designers with Silicon Proven USB IP Solution that address the performance, power, and area requirements of today’s enterprise/infrastructure, mobile, and consumer markets



  • Supports SuperSpeedPlus (10 Gbps) , SuperSpeed (5 Gbps)  and fully backward compatible with USB2.0.
  • Optimized designed to achieve lowest power and area for portable electronics
  • Supports USB3.1 PIPE and UTMI/ULPI PHY interfaces
  • Configurable data buffering options to optimize performance vs area
  • Integrated DMA controller
  • Supports 15 IN and OUT functional endpoints
  • Endpoints support Bulk/Isochronous/Interrupt transaction
  • Support all power down modes
  • Support AXI/AHB bus interface for easy system integration

Block Diagram



Data Sheet

USB 3.1-Device-Datasheet


  • Fully Synthesizable RTL code
  • SystemVerilog based verification environment.
  • Synthesis constraints and scripts files
  • User Manual and verification Document.
  • Programmer model document
  • Synthesis constraints and scripts files

Target Applications

  • SSD, High Speed USB drive
  • High End Digital camera.
  • Printer, scanner etc.
  • 4K/8K Display Devices

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