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About US

Innovative Logic is leading provider of SoC, ASIC, FPGA and Embedded Software design services. Some of our areas of expertise are architecture and micro-architecture, RTL coding, UVM based verification, RTL2GDSII, mask layout, FPGA based validation and embedded software.

Innovative Logic has been in business of 15+ years helping many tier 1 clients in north america in many domains such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IOT, SSD, networking, video, graphics, Our business model is offer our services by setting up offshore design centers (ODC), turnkey services with fixed cost and onsite staff augmentation.

Innovative Logic: Services
  • ASIC/FPGA Design & Verification
  • Embedded Software
  • Application Software

Innovative Logic Design Centers

  • San Jose, CA, USA
  • Bangalore, India
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